Dry aged beef | What makes it so special

Our "Everlasting" Dry Ageing Cabinet is used to mature our Beef in a controlled atmosphere where temperature, humidity and air circulation are kept constant. Ultra Violet light is used to prevent microbial growth which helps the meat to develop a more natural and intense flavour coupled with sublime tenderness. The Beef is stored in isolation to prevent any taste contamination from the meats.

How is Steak dry aged?

We age the Beef for a minimum of 21 days but can also tailor the process to meet individual customer requirements. If you would like to purchase some Beef from us we would be happy to age it for you at our premises for a predetermined number of days before delivering it on a specific date to suit.

Whatโ€™s so special about dry aged beef?

Dry aged beef is popular for its unique taste. It has a richer, nuttier flavour and more tender buttery texture. There are myriad chemical reactions that happen while dry ageing, but at the simplest, a lot of the water in the beef evaporates yet the remaining meat still has all of the original flavour, which is then more concentrated in every bite. At the same time, the connective tissues begin to break down, making the beef more tender, but again, without any loss of flavour. The beef takes time to develop the unforgettable aroma and delicate consistency. There is patience and skill required to deliver the perfect dry aged steak.

Dry aging for beef lovers is like another level of loving your beef. If you have never tried dry aged beef, itโ€™s time for you to treat yourself to this flavour sensation! Woodhouse Butchery has a dry aging cabinet. Visit our website and browse our selection of quality Dry Aged Beef.

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